Who We Are

Potential Enhancement Foundation (PEF) in partnership with Powering Potential Inc (PPI) designs and implements two Educating...

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: All students in Tanzania experiencing the joys of technology: efficient production, easy access to information and communication with others

Our Programs

The Pi-oneer is an innovative teaching tool consisting of a Raspberry Pi computer with RACHEL offline educational...

Impact (Overall Assesment)
  • 29 solar power systems and 172 computers installed in 29 schools in 11 districts
  • 23,000+ teachers and students have a world of knowledge at their fingertips
  • 2,000+ hours of technology training delivered
  • 1,500+ teachers and students completed a technology training course
  • 700+ students enrolled in Tanzanian national ICT courses for secondary schools
  • 57% of respondents report securing employment because of their technology skills
  • 11 people enrolled in college to earn Bachelor's degrees related to Computer Science
  • 60% of respondents report continuing their education

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